Art Camps

Art camps are organized for senior and experienced artists. Kalaa Sanskriti provides an opportunity to explore, experiment and express. Thus, opening up fresh avenues for creative evolution. Even the upcoming artists are invited at camps and residencies. Kalaa Sanskriti is touted amongst the most well-known art promotersnot just in New Delhi, but in the entire nation. Our art camps not only give the artists a platform to showcase their work but also an opportunity to work together and share views, techniques and experience with their counterparts.The art camp is something where the arts and canvases meet the specific viewers. The buyers get chance to meet the artists, veiw their works as well as watch them working live! Our camps are a fusion of fresh and the experienced. Together, the young, fresh, and the senior, renowned artists, make a combination complete in itself.

We believe that the Indian art and culture are extraordinarily rich and we must let the world experience the depth of our culture. Our art camps attract numerous art lovers from across the nation. This can be treated as a good opportunity to enhance the rich Indian art and culture along with the contemporary art from across the world.

Our 3 Es

We, at Kalaa Sanskriti, provide
three ‘Es’; namely, Explore,
Experiment, and Express
to the artists.


Artists can explore the
various forms of arts. They can
immerse themselves in the vast sea
of art. The newer artists
get to explore the work of the senior artists
and imbibe from them while
they work together.


The Artists can go beyond the
same pattern and try
pole apart things to make their art work unique.
They can do some interesting
experiment with their
imagination and the newly learnt techniques.


Art is all about expression.
It’s all about how you express your
imagination and thinking. The
more you can express your
heart and mind, the more you gain.


How do the fresh artists derive benefits from our art camps?

Kalaa Sanskriti always backs the newer artists. Our camps give them a platform to showcase their art and curatorial practice. The young talents get valuable guidance from other renowned artists and the opportunity to work along side. The fresh artists get the opportunity to gain knowledge and enhance their ability. With the help of these camps, they get a chance to network with fellow artists, move forward in a positive direction and boost their confidence.