Art Classes

Kalaa Sanskriti is a celebration of art in its most exotic and purest form. We, at Kalaa Sanskriti, harbour a great amount of love and respect for every form of art and invite art lovers to join us in the celebration. Kalaa Sanskriti offers exceptional learning and guidance to the art lovers who are truly dedicated to their work. We give an opportunity to all the art lovers to hone their skills into the art form that they love. Ever since its inception, Kalaa Sanskriti has been a launch pad for many talented artists and till today, we summon all the art lovers from every walk of life to give a shape to their passion for art. We welcome the art enthusiasts with open arms to join us and write their story in colours. Kalaa Sanskriti offers classes in various art forms. From professional courses to hobby classes, we have designed every session to help the art lovers come closer to art.

We offer a one-year professional course in a plethora of art forms. The aspiring artists, who are serious about pursuing art as their career, can take the professional course at Kalaa Sanskriti and begin their journey in the vast world of art.

For the art lovers, who have an inclination towards an art form and just want to take it up as a hobby, we have curated special classes. They can take the monthly Hobby Classes to satisfy the hunger for art. The monthly hobby classes are also apt for the art lovers who just want to pamper themselves with art indulgence.

We also do not disappoint the busy art lovers who spend most of their time in board meetings or business travels but have a safe spot for art in their hearts. These people can take the weekendclasses. These Hobby Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday.

Kalaa Sanskriti also offers special classes for B.F.A. Entrance Exam. The amateurs, who just want to consummate their skill, can take a course for a shorter duration. We offer six-months and three-months courses also.